I can See!

Family this is an update to the last post, I can confidently say I have regained my vision to a sufficient level. Me and my roommate who wears glasses have about the same vision. I can see as well as someone who just got glasses with their glasses on. To say it feels incredible is an extreme understatement. I am convinced anything is possible at this point. Funny enough during this whole journey I have found a love for computer programming, so expect the site to be looking much better. I also have to let you all in on a secret of how to really get your health kick started. The main thing is sunlight. Go out there, soak it up, take off the sun glasses, your eyes need that radiation. If there is anything that I can for sure say helped the most in restoring my vision, it was the change of the season, IE more direct sunlight.

and the second thing is an improved seamoss. I feel like I need to share this and in comparison my old recipe is obsolete, that’s not to say discard the old one, because its still very healthy and will still help you out. Its just that this new one, is much better. well lemme shut up here it is:


2 cups of boiling water

1 young coconut(flesh and water)

1/8 cup hemp seeds

2 dashes of clove

agave for taste(optional)

combine everything except for the coconut water in a blender after the mixture is blended then add the coconut water and blend again. then bam! you can’t go wrong with this one. You will feel like a super human.

well good luck to all of you out there family, I hope my story can inspire others to look within themselves and to unconventional ways to solve their own problems. Anything is possible don’t let those fuckers lie to you!


My Journey to Regain my Vision

Hello family, its been a while I know. Well I decided that I am sick of wearing glasses and began to take action to regain my vision. What many people don’t realize, is that eyesight is directly correlated to your digestive system. Stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and gall bladder are related to vision, not so much your eyes. If this knowledge was widespread we wouldn’t have optometrists and glasses would be a choice, not a necessity. I have been wearing glasses for the past 10 years and I have always had vision problems since I was 4 years old. Most likely I was born with poor vision. This is due to the genetics of my father, who is a Caucasian. He and all of his siblings have poor vision. The question is why? The western diet has destroyed the digestive system and caused inflammation and build up in the back of the eyes. This disease was passed onto me, without question I was born sick. There is a very erroneous philosophy that vision deterioration is not only inevitable in most, but can’t be completely reversed without dangerous surgery. Your optometrist will straight tell you, blindness has no cure. You need surgery to fix severe eye problems. I have had many natural healers and health advocated tell me there is no natural way to cure bad vision. The philosophy of western medicine believes that there is a multitude of vision problems that need a different remedy to address it. Thus the plethora of “ituses” and names for what seems to be a different disease caused by different things. This is why they can’t cure anything. They are clueless. Not only that, but as everything goes here in western culture, its a business, and there is only symptom management, no real solutions. So I decided to test on myself if actually cleaning out the digestive system would help to bring my eyesight back. I went and ordered an eyewash and body cleanse from Dr. Sebi. I decided that i would begin to fast and abstain completely from solid foods. I began to mix up the sea moss and combine it with the herbal compounds I received from Sebi. As many things, I was very skeptical, but what did I have to lose? I have been legally blind in my right eye for at least 10 years. So the question now comes, did it work? After the 1st use of the eyewash my vision improved to the point that my glasses began to hurt my head and I took them off. I was overwhelmed with joy, it actually works! The fasting process was intense, even though I had prepped myself a week before by eating as clean and alkaline as possible. The 1st 6 days my eyes were bloodshot, my energy low, the detox had me weak and very sickly looking; to the point that my roommate wanted to tell me to eat something, he thought I was harming myself. Despite how i felt, my vision was still continuing to gradually improve, so I refused to cave in. After the 7th day I had a bowel movement of a nasty sludgy mucus. I had also been drinking more than a gallon of water a day. Once I had the 1st gallon in that day, I got an intense surge of energy. My nostrils opened up so much my head hurt from the amount of oxygen going to the brain. my cognitive functions were better than I had ever felt. Long story short, I had never felt this good in my life. Once a good amount of toxins left my body, the water and oxygen revitalized me. It was night and day and people who were once worried were happy to see my clear eyes, happy demeanor and my new spunk. They all said they were worried about me and were in disbelief that I was still not eating solid foods, nor were there glasses on my face. As my body got cleaner, my vision got better exponentially. I am currently on the 12th day. Yes 12th day, of not eating solid food. My vision is still not perfect, but I have regained so much vision in my right eye, that I am pretty certain I am no longer legally blind in it. there is no longer a haze or fuzz in my vision. I still can’t make out the details of most things, but there is zero doubt that this is working. I plan to break the fast after 15 days but I will continue to eat very strictly, get proper rest and as always, mix up some seamoss while I continue to use the eyewash. I kinda wish I began to document it earlier, but its never too late. I want people to know my story, and I have full faith that my vision will be 20/20 in the next few months, if not sooner. I will keep you posted family. and to anyone who has questions if the Sebi products work. YES they do. I don’t know why I was skeptical about the results because I have always had success with the herbal compounds. His tooth powder restored my tooth enamel (something the dentist says is impossible) and no longer have cavities, but that’s another story! Through the power of will, anything is possible. If you can will yourself to not eat solid food for 2 weeks, you can do anything.

A Gallon a Day to Keep the Doctor Away?

Geothermal spring
Geothermal spring

It’s no mystery, it’s pretty straight forward actually. You are made of water, everything that lives needs water, drink some water! How much? A gallon a day, yes, a whole gallon. Will you be peeing all day everyday? Yes! 8 glasses a day is a gallon, if you fill up those tall pint glasses that beer is served in, 8 will equal about a gallon possibly more. There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about water. People will recommend distilled water, filtered tap water and even ionized alkaline water. These are fine to cook and bake with(maybe not the ionized alkaline water) but if you drink them you will lose minerals and salts that are vital to your nutrition. Since most people don’t receive any nutrition from their food(and vitamins don’t work either) the constant emptying of minerals and lack of replenishment will kill you very quickly and covertly. Gym junkies, pro athletes, body builders all fall victim to short lives and debilitating diseases including arthritis and osteoporosis. All of that stress on the body and lack of proper nutrition is exacerbated when you are constantly sweating and draining out your minerals due to drinking distiller or filtered tap water. Now many of us might find ourselves asking the question “well damn what can I drink then?”. Natural spring water, one with a ph higher than 7 is the ideal water to drink. Now I’m not going to tell you how to live life or where your priorities sit, but I honestly don’t mind buying a gallon of deer park every day. $1.50 is not the biggest sacrifice, and I’m even considering just getting a cooler and the big 10 gallon shipment from the truck every so often. People spend $9.00 on cigarettes a day, people spend close to $300 or more a month smoking weed so don’t tell me you can’t afford to do it if you’re doing either. It’s all about priorities, and your health should be the most important. Let me just put it like this; 90% of your problems are due to your state of mind, when you eat healthy your state of mind improves greatly. You can think in a state of peace and rationality. When you are in that state of mind it is very difficult to make poor decisions that put you in a state of hurt. Things that used to hold giant weight no longer hurt so bad, so when expectations aren’t met you don’t spiral into the negative state. You will begin to see things more clearly, and believe it or not more opportunities will appear to you. They were always there but you couldn’t see them in that lower vibration. When you raise your vibration, your livity, life will become so much better. You will be more content with less, you will feel satisfaction without indulgence. It is indeed a wonderful state, the alkaline state of mind. So to keep this alkaline state of mind we must keep our bodies as such. If you have the luxury of living near a natural spring source, you should take advantage of it. Findaspring.com is a good place to look if you aren’t sure where the closest natural spring is. Poland spring and deer park are good brands but if you want something with a serious alkaline ph, starky springs geothermal spring water can be found at whole foods market. It has a ph of 9.6, I’ve yet to find a natural water with that high a ph.

Once again stay say from any ionized or lab alkaliezed water, it will damage your kidneys. Fam please realize water is more important than food. You can buy all the organic foods you want, if that water intake isn’t proper, the kidneys, liver and skin will all take a hit. I seen this article on breitbart or how ever it’s spelled, saying that drinking the proposed 2 liters a day might be too much. Fam 2 liters ain’t enough let alone too much. I’m willing to bet half the men who came up with the article and did the study will have kidney, liver and gall bladder problems in the near future, and will without a doubt be impotent. So while those quacks have their 15 minutes, I’ll be sipping this gallon.

peace fam, drink up.

The Benefits of Sea Moss

Chondrus crispus also known as Irish moss or carrageen moss is a species of red algae which grows along the rocky parts of the Atlantic Coast. Native to North America and Europe.
Chondrus crispus also known as Irish moss or carrageen moss is a species of red algae which grows along the rocky parts of the Atlantic Coast. Native to North America and Europe.

Irish moss, also known as sea moss, is a type of seaweed native to the region of Canada. During the potato famine in Ireland, many had turned to a red seaweed that washed up ashore. The people were desperate so they ate what ever they could. Little did they know that the sea moss alone was more than enough to sustain them. Sea moss has over 90 minerals, including calcium. So to people who ask me how do I get calcium without milk? It’s the sea moss fam. In fact I get more calcium that is actually bio available to me. What people don’t realize is this; if you aren’t getting your minerals and nourishment from a plant source, your body won’t assimilate with it properly. If you get vitamins and minerals from a rock source you won’t get any value from it. We don’t eat rocks, if you could gain nourishment from rocks we would be seeing a new diet fad from it. But instead we see people we call nutritionists and dietitians tell us to take our vitamins and supplements. All lab based and rock sourced of course. And we once again wonder why people who get their daily dosage of vitamins and dairy product are still getting sick and dying with parasites inside their colon. People have pounds of feces in their colon and don’t even realize it. The saturated fat and cholesterol from the animal based diet will constipate you, and that feces in you will flow into your blood stream and kill you slowly. Almost everyone is constipated, if you don’t make 2 to 3 bowel movements everyday(yes every goddamn fucking day) you are constipated, and you will get sick down the line. If it is not addressed immediately it could lead to serious health problems, and if you continue to eat the American garbage that toxic sewage will mutate your colon. You will get colon cancer, you will get pancreatic cancer, you will get diabetes and if that doesn’t scare you, you will be erectile dysfunctional and your parter will leave you for someone who can perform. So let’s save us all that trouble and drink some sea moss. Sea moss, when mixed with bladderwrack, becomes a powerful diuretic and will encourage bowel movement. The dual effect of the cleansing and replenishment of the combination makes it ideal to someone looking to be in better health. In fact I would recommend a sea moss fast. Mix up about 1 teaspoon of sea moss, 1 teaspoon of bladderwrack with some walnuts, dates, agave, and  4 cups of water(some naturally, not synthetically alkaline spring water would be ideal) make sure the water is hot, because that will make the sea moss become thick and gelatinous. Blend it well. Get healthy. I would suggest to start small. 3 days, then move up to a week. If you feel like you can go a month, go for it! There honestly is no limit to how long you can go on the fast for. People can go as long as 100 days without food, many have gone even longer! You will begin to see an improvement in not much time at all, and depending on how toxic your body is, you may get very sick in the beginning. The detox will not be pleasant, but I assure you it’s much better than dying a slow painful death of cancer and diabetes. While many of us believe we are healthy, I assure you if the bowel movements aren’t at the very least daily, you are very sick. You have constipation and possibly be suffering from indigestion and gas. All of which once again will lead to serious health problems in the future. I would recommend you get your sea moss from Dr. Sebi. He is the elder who brought to my attention this wonderful plant and he has his already mixed with the bladderwrack. He calls it bromide plus powder, and it can be purchased at http://www.drsebicellfood.com he also has a bunch of other products but I’m not here to plug his products but I do support the elder and the movement he represents. Sea moss and bladderwrack can be found online but I cannot promise the same ethical standards that Sebi’s products are held to. Sebi also has a recipe for a sea moss shake that, I won’t lie, I pretty much used as a base for what I make. I like to use hemp seeds as well as hazelnuts as the nut “milk” base, because it has a strong sea taste to it, especially when it’s hot. Much of what I practice is based of the research of many people like Sebi, Arnold Ehret, Llaila Afrika and many others who realized that starches and blood will kill you. That fruits and herbs are the true foods and were the foods of our ancestors. Peace family


Gran bwa is the earth spirit, the healer, nature itself. Lowa of healing and nature
Gran bwa is the earth spirit, the healer, nature itself. Lowa of healing and nature

Hi welcome to alkaline state of mind. What does alkaline state of mind entail? Well basically I am under the belief that our foods and environment play a vital role in not only our physical health but more importantly our mental health. A lot of us “African-Americans” are clueless as to why it is always said our group is at the highest risk for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. There seems to be this misconception that across races there is no biological difference as far as genes and blood. This is simply not true, many times investigators are left with a body that is unrecognizable due to many factors( dismembered face, decay, ect.) yet the sex and race is still easily identifiable. So yes what I’m implying here is that black people(don’t like the term African-American) should not be eating this American garbage that has been misnamed nutrition. We are sick people, and this so-called “soul food” is the work of evil, and will rob you of your life! We have this misconception that the food pyramid and the health standard is the same across races and nations, we must stop adhering to a health standard of sick people. It is no secret, America has the most unhealthy and unethical food practices on the planet. Why in your right mind would you continue to entertain and appease these known frauds? Are we so conditioned by Eurocentric ideology that we throw all common sense out the window when a “scientist” or “expert” says so? Is this not the same sickness as the sheep of the church blindly killing in the name of Jesus? Or the same sickness we see with the monsters who burn and behead in the name of Allah?  What many of us here fail to realize, is that science is a religion. Obviously science is a very helpful tool in exercising our logical brain, but when we have grown arrogant and close minded due to indoctrination(not education) we have failed, and become no better than the “religious zealot”. Science is much too limited to even pretend to be the end all be all yet we as an entire global society cling onto its every last word. If we are to cure ourselves from these diseases and ailments we must abandon 100% the ideology of Eurocentric arrogance aka western education. A group of sick people asking the men who gave them their ailments for the cure is the definition of insanity. If they can’t cure diabetes after billions upon billions poured in, hundreds of years of research I think it’s time to look elsewhere. Especially considering their synthetic compounds are based off the “evil voodoo witch doctory” of your “primitive” ancestors. Why did massa ask mammy witch doctor for medical assistance instead of the trained physician? A well funded and qualified doctor was at massa’s finger tips yet he goes to the slave to be cured? Clearly something is wrong with that picture here. Why would a man who can easily have the best quality healthcare at no inconvenience chose an illiterate, primitive slave instead? It is time for us to return to that African woman, that mambo, that voodoo woman. She is not evil, she is the standard. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. It’s time for us to stop shaming and defaming our mother and instead worship her, and learn from what great healing knowledge she possesses. My grandmother was a healer and even my own cousins would take advice from the MD over our own flesh and blood. Our very own flesh and blood who proved she cured disease, unlike that high paid fluke who could care less about your health. There is too much money into keeping us all sick. Not just black folks but everyone. Us as black people must detach on our own though; no one will help us properly, nor should we expect it. The white American will not give up the MD and convincing him otherwise is a waste of time. He will follow you through example as he always does. It is not our job to save others until we ourselves are saved. It is the mistake we always make, and for it, we are used and taken advantage of. If we are to reverse the disease we have to, no if ands or buts about it, abandon fully the ideology of western society. So long as this is a fear of the black people, there will be no significant progress.