A Gallon a Day to Keep the Doctor Away?

Geothermal spring
Geothermal spring

It’s no mystery, it’s pretty straight forward actually. You are made of water, everything that lives needs water, drink some water! How much? A gallon a day, yes, a whole gallon. Will you be peeing all day everyday? Yes! 8 glasses a day is a gallon, if you fill up those tall pint glasses that beer is served in, 8 will equal about a gallon possibly more. There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about water. People will recommend distilled water, filtered tap water and even ionized alkaline water. These are fine to cook and bake with(maybe not the ionized alkaline water) but if you drink them you will lose minerals and salts that are vital to your nutrition. Since most people don’t receive any nutrition from their food(and vitamins don’t work either) the constant emptying of minerals and lack of replenishment will kill you very quickly and covertly. Gym junkies, pro athletes, body builders all fall victim to short lives and debilitating diseases including arthritis and osteoporosis. All of that stress on the body and lack of proper nutrition is exacerbated when you are constantly sweating and draining out your minerals due to drinking distiller or filtered tap water. Now many of us might find ourselves asking the question “well damn what can I drink then?”. Natural spring water, one with a ph higher than 7 is the ideal water to drink. Now I’m not going to tell you how to live life or where your priorities sit, but I honestly don’t mind buying a gallon of deer park every day. $1.50 is not the biggest sacrifice, and I’m even considering just getting a cooler and the big 10 gallon shipment from the truck every so often. People spend $9.00 on cigarettes a day, people spend close to $300 or more a month smoking weed so don’t tell me you can’t afford to do it if you’re doing either. It’s all about priorities, and your health should be the most important. Let me just put it like this; 90% of your problems are due to your state of mind, when you eat healthy your state of mind improves greatly. You can think in a state of peace and rationality. When you are in that state of mind it is very difficult to make poor decisions that put you in a state of hurt. Things that used to hold giant weight no longer hurt so bad, so when expectations aren’t met you don’t spiral into the negative state. You will begin to see things more clearly, and believe it or not more opportunities will appear to you. They were always there but you couldn’t see them in that lower vibration. When you raise your vibration, your livity, life will become so much better. You will be more content with less, you will feel satisfaction without indulgence. It is indeed a wonderful state, the alkaline state of mind. So to keep this alkaline state of mind we must keep our bodies as such. If you have the luxury of living near a natural spring source, you should take advantage of it. Findaspring.com is a good place to look if you aren’t sure where the closest natural spring is. Poland spring and deer park are good brands but if you want something with a serious alkaline ph, starky springs geothermal spring water can be found at whole foods market. It has a ph of 9.6, I’ve yet to find a natural water with that high a ph.

Once again stay say from any ionized or lab alkaliezed water, it will damage your kidneys. Fam please realize water is more important than food. You can buy all the organic foods you want, if that water intake isn’t proper, the kidneys, liver and skin will all take a hit. I seen this article on breitbart or how ever it’s spelled, saying that drinking the proposed 2 liters a day might be too much. Fam 2 liters ain’t enough let alone too much. I’m willing to bet half the men who came up with the article and did the study will have kidney, liver and gall bladder problems in the near future, and will without a doubt be impotent. So while those quacks have their 15 minutes, I’ll be sipping this gallon.

peace fam, drink up.


Nopales? Dandelions? Pesky Weeds or Super Foods?

Prickly pear cactus aka nopal or nopales
Prickly pear cactus aka nopal or nopales

I am not from the Southwest or any hot desert like climate but, from what I understand nopales are the equivalent to the dandelion of the Northeast. Both are hard to get rid of and are abundant in “non inhabited” areas of their respected areas. The prickly pear cactus is everywhere in the American desert, Mexico, the Caribbean and many other places. The prickly pear and Barbary fig are a common site in the desert and to those unaware, are incredible super foods. The leaf of the prickly pear is known as a nopal or in Spanish nopales. The Mexicans eat a lot of nopales and you can most likely get a side of it with steak at your local authentic Mexican restaurant (although I’m not with that eating meat groove) the Barbary fig is a very nutritious fruit that comes off the prickly pear cactus, this is indeed the prickly pear itself. The prickly pear fruit is full of seeds and is quite juicy. It is mildly sweet and has a waxy skin on the outside. They come either as a red fruit or light green fruit. The nopal has a tangy type of flavor, some might describe it as sour. It is also a bit slimy and sticky when cut open. When it cooks, the skin turns pales green and excretes a very flavorful juice that makes it perfect for cooking with other foods. I cook my nopales with mushrooms and Habanero peppers. The flavor is quite incredible and I suppose it’s also mexican. Mexican food is one of my favorites and without a doubt one of the healthiest. (Produce wise) tomatillos, nopales, epazote and linden tree tea are all commonly consumed by Mexicans and are some of the healthiest foods and herbs you can eat, honestly if Mexicans are going to share their health secrets with us then I don’t see what the big hooplah is about this immigration wave but let’s not digress from the subject at hand.         That brings me to the dandelion. The dandelion greens are the most nutritious greens you can find at Whole Foods Market. Everyone is on this kale binge but no one realizes they are failing themselves. I like kale and what not but it’s probably my least favorite green besides spinach, spinach is satan himself(full of kidney stone forming oxalic acid). When it comes to selecting your greens you want to get them as wild and non hybridized as possible. It’s a no brainer which one is healthier, Mother Nature can’t be competed against, it’s foolish to believe otherwise! Sure dandelion greens are bitter, but when you cook them right, they’re something else. If you don’t mind the bitterness you can eat them in place of lettuce in a salad or sandwich. They can be juiced and of course steamed or sautéed with some seasonings. I would recommend a sesame oil for sautéing, if the flavor is too overpowering you can use grape seed oil. If you really think you’re about that healthy life you can combine them both for a truly alkaline treat. And if you didn’t know alkalinity is divinity. If you stay alkaline, you will be fine. I suppose I could lend a recipe to those of you reading out there. This would be my version of steak and nopales, but obviously there will be no meat. I would also suggest a quinoa or wild rice on the side and garbanzo beans (chickpeas) if you like the usual white rice with black beans.

You will need the following to make this alkaline version of steak and nopales

2 whole portabella mushrooms.

1 nopal cactus leaf sliced

1/2 chopped onion.

1/2 bell pepper sliced

1/2 teaspoon ground annatto

Salt to liking

1 teaspoon onion powder.

Dash of oregano, sweet basil, tarragon and dill

1/4 teaspoon coriander

1 whole Habanero(optional) (do not open unless you love spicy hot food, Habanero is pretty hot)

Sesame or grape seed oil for sautéing.

Combine spices with oil in a frying pan, set to low heat and put the Habanero in. Wait for Habanero to start cooking and add the mushrooms, onions, peppers and nopales. Cook or about 15- 20 minutes. You can cook it longer if you like the mushrooms well cooked through. The nopales will turn a pale light green when they are cooked. They will also get soft and will drip lots of cactus juice. This juice will add a tang to the mushrooms. Poke the Habanero with a fork a few times and mix it around in the pan to add more Habanero flavor. If you were bold and decided to cut the Habanero, I’d suggest putting a little less than half in, anymore and you’re not going to taste anything else in my opinion. Your safest bet is to just keep it whole and poke it around a bit if you need more spice. If you really are going to go for the full alkaline experience, why not just throw some dandelions In the mix too. Serve it with some quinoa or wild rice and you’re set.

I hope you enjoy these so-called “weeds” as much as I do, because they’re going to keep you alive for a long time. And they be eaten raw or cooked. Both will suffice. Stay alkaline fam. Peace