Welcome Back

Sorry for the long hiatus family. I was beginning to become comfortable in my newly acquired state of adulthood and freedom. I began to lose sight of what was important and i began to settle for less; accept things as is, simply because I was eating and paying bills. I forgot what the hunger and hardship did for me, how necessary it was for me to move forward towards my goals. Without hunger you won’t have a desire, without the desire, you will have no will. The power of the will is all we got. We are as strong and as weak as our willpower. There are many of us here who would like to in the back of our minds believe we are living. We got the house, the nice little accessories and bells and whistles that come along with that said home. The nice little 9-5 bringing in the consistency, the stability; it’s all very comforting, but is it actually living? How many people feel unfulfilled with homes, careers and families? Too many of us. As children, how many of us said “When I grow up I want to become an administrative assistant at the human resources department of _____ corporation because it’s a steady career with stability and a pension” ? No one. So how come as adults, we decide its time to just get comfortable and settle with this job I hate because the amount of capital it brings in is stable? Well the simple answer to this is, we begin to make compromises in our beliefs so that we can adapt to our situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, it is the degree in which we compromise that becomes worrisome. Many people have to work at something else while putting their dream on the “back burner” but why not do both? What happens with many of us is, we get rewarded for the compromise and we begin to lose track of ourselves and instead invest and concentrate on these compromises and distractions. We begin to make excuses as to why we haven’t accomplished or worked towards our dreams. We begin to say things like, I’m too busy, I’ve got a family to feed, I can’t take that risk. Yet we will work 25 regretful, painful years for some jackass we not only hate, but know damn well he is not very good at his job. We help build and develop these companies at the expense of our own well-being. Many of us, 15 years in realize, damn man, this is not what I wanted to do. What happened? Where is the fork in the road where we decide we are either we are compromising or we are sticking to the dream? It’s different for most of us, but around the age of 25 we usually make the big choice. Is what I’ve been dreaming going to be my reality, or will I have to compromise and get a “real job” instead of that dream job? There comes in a fear that kicks in, it’s quite common in folks older than 23, the question of stability. Is the risk even worth the possible reward? Am I even cut out to do this? It’s these questions that separate the dreamers from the doers. You can ask anyone who we would consider a great success, the ones who live their dreams and are considered as role models, how did they get to where they are? Many of them will tell you, they came to the fork and said to hell with it, they stuck with the dream. They worked to the point where many asked them why they haven’t quit yet, they get so far deep into the shit, they begin to question themselves if its worth it, if maybe they aren’t about that life. If you don’t reach a critical point, in where the going gets so hard, you honestly consider giving it all up, you haven’t worked hard enough. It is that very experience, that determines what happens next for you. Those who survive that hardship and take their dream to the next level, they move to the next step. Those people you look at as the greatest: Kobe, Jordan, Floyd; they never stopped working as hard as they possibly could, even after many had given them the respect and status of greatness, they refused to get comfortable. To be the best, to be at the top of your game, you must never be comfortable or satisfied beyond a 24 hour period. What makes these men great is their work ethic, their self-confidence and the sacrifice they put in. I still don’t understand why many are surprised that Floyd still practices like he’s never won shit in his life, like he’s a chump. Do you think he would be the greatest at his sport if he wasn’t? If he wasn’t confident that he was actually truly the best and believed it 100% whole heartedly, would he have performed? If he hadn’t sacrificed would the universe rewarded him for all of his hard work and confidence? In the minds of people who are content with scraps, it makes no sense why Floyd and Kobe still practice like they suck, why rich people grind like they’re broke. It doesn’t seem to be logical. If you want to live a comfortable life with stability and never have to worry about where you are sleeping or when you are eating, just get locked up and do a bid in prison. Shit, they got cable TV too. The moral of the story folk: if you have not reached a point in your endeavors where you question yourself, if the going hasn’t gotten this hard, you need to put in way more work. When you reach that point and you decide to tough it out and break down the barrier, you have crossed that fork in the road, you have a 1 up on those who compromised fully at that point. Break down the walls, and get to the next stage, and just keep clawing your way till you are content. If you want to be the greatest, you must put in your all, until they bury 6 feet.