My Journey to Regain my Vision

Hello family, its been a while I know. Well I decided that I am sick of wearing glasses and began to take action to regain my vision. What many people don’t realize, is that eyesight is directly correlated to your digestive system. Stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys and gall bladder are related to vision, not so much your eyes. If this knowledge was widespread we wouldn’t have optometrists and glasses would be a choice, not a necessity. I have been wearing glasses for the past 10 years and I have always had vision problems since I was 4 years old. Most likely I was born with poor vision. This is due to the genetics of my father, who is a Caucasian. He and all of his siblings have poor vision. The question is why? The western diet has destroyed the digestive system and caused inflammation and build up in the back of the eyes. This disease was passed onto me, without question I was born sick. There is a very erroneous philosophy that vision deterioration is not only inevitable in most, but can’t be completely reversed without dangerous surgery. Your optometrist will straight tell you, blindness has no cure. You need surgery to fix severe eye problems. I have had many natural healers and health advocated tell me there is no natural way to cure bad vision. The philosophy of western medicine believes that there is a multitude of vision problems that need a different remedy to address it. Thus the plethora of “ituses” and names for what seems to be a different disease caused by different things. This is why they can’t cure anything. They are clueless. Not only that, but as everything goes here in western culture, its a business, and there is only symptom management, no real solutions. So I decided to test on myself if actually cleaning out the digestive system would help to bring my eyesight back. I went and ordered an eyewash and body cleanse from Dr. Sebi. I decided that i would begin to fast and abstain completely from solid foods. I began to mix up the sea moss and combine it with the herbal compounds I received from Sebi. As many things, I was very skeptical, but what did I have to lose? I have been legally blind in my right eye for at least 10 years. So the question now comes, did it work? After the 1st use of the eyewash my vision improved to the point that my glasses began to hurt my head and I took them off. I was overwhelmed with joy, it actually works! The fasting process was intense, even though I had prepped myself a week before by eating as clean and alkaline as possible. The 1st 6 days my eyes were bloodshot, my energy low, the detox had me weak and very sickly looking; to the point that my roommate wanted to tell me to eat something, he thought I was harming myself. Despite how i felt, my vision was still continuing to gradually improve, so I refused to cave in. After the 7th day I had a bowel movement of a nasty sludgy mucus. I had also been drinking more than a gallon of water a day. Once I had the 1st gallon in that day, I got an intense surge of energy. My nostrils opened up so much my head hurt from the amount of oxygen going to the brain. my cognitive functions were better than I had ever felt. Long story short, I had never felt this good in my life. Once a good amount of toxins left my body, the water and oxygen revitalized me. It was night and day and people who were once worried were happy to see my clear eyes, happy demeanorĀ and my new spunk. They all said they were worried about me and were in disbelief that I was still not eating solid foods, nor were there glasses on my face. As my body got cleaner, my vision got better exponentially. I am currently on the 12th day. Yes 12th day, of not eating solid food. My vision is still not perfect, but I have regained so much vision in my right eye, that I am pretty certain I am no longer legally blind in it. there is no longer a haze or fuzz in my vision. I still can’t make out the details of most things, but there is zero doubt that this is working. I plan to break the fast after 15 days but I will continue to eat very strictly, get proper rest and as always, mix up some seamoss while I continue to use the eyewash. I kinda wish I began to document it earlier, but its never too late. I want people to know my story, and I have full faith that my vision will be 20/20 in the next few months, if not sooner. I will keep you posted family. and to anyone who has questions if the Sebi products work. YES they do. I don’t know why I was skeptical about the results because I have always had success with the herbal compounds. His tooth powder restored my tooth enamel (something the dentist says is impossible) and no longer have cavities, but that’s another story! Through the power of will, anything is possible. If you can will yourself to not eat solid food for 2 weeks, you can do anything.