A new direction

So I have decided to officially make this blog about food and recipes that I have created or have been inspired to make. So from here on out I will be giving out some of my secrets, I have always wanted to make a food truck, but it seems like that is on hold until I can sustain enough capital to make such a thing a reality. Until then I will be giving away a few of my secret recipes that only a few people have had the time to enjoy. I hope that through this new series of posts I can 1) help you make delicious and nutritious meals for you and your family. 2) help prove to the word that plant based food is filling and refreshing. 3) a plant based lifestyle is affordable and 4) finally put a rest to the notion that a plant based lifestyle is limited in food options! I know that these recipes are golden and that if done properly, people will look at you as a master vegan chef. So stay tuned folks, Its about to get serious here! I am about to be giving away precious gems!

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