I can See!

Family this is an update to the last post, I can confidently say I have regained my vision to a sufficient level. Me and my roommate who wears glasses have about the same vision. I can see as well as someone who just got glasses with their glasses on. To say it feels incredible is an extreme understatement. I am convinced anything is possible at this point. Funny enough during this whole journey I have found a love for computer programming, so expect the site to be looking much better. I also have to let you all in on a secret of how to really get your health kick started. The main thing is sunlight. Go out there, soak it up, take off the sun glasses, your eyes need that radiation. If there is anything that I can for sure say helped the most in restoring my vision, it was the change of the season, IE more direct sunlight.

and the second thing is an improved seamoss. I feel like I need to share this and in comparison my old recipe is obsolete, that’s not to say discard the old one, because its still very healthy and will still help you out. Its just that this new one, is much better. well lemme shut up here it is:


2 cups of boiling water

1 young coconut(flesh and water)

1/8 cup hemp seeds

2 dashes of clove

agave for taste(optional)

combine everything except for the coconut water in a blender after the mixture is blended then add the coconut water and blend again. then bam! you can’t go wrong with this one. You will feel like a super human.

well good luck to all of you out there family, I hope my story can inspire others to look within themselves and to unconventional ways to solve their own problems. Anything is possible don’t let those fuckers lie to you!


3 thoughts on “I can See!

  1. How long did it take you to regain your vision? I wear glasses and I’m really looking into Dr. Sebi’s eye wash myself. I’ve been wearing glasses for 16 years…can’t see things far away. Over it.


    1. it took me a good 4 or 5 months for me to confidently say I could see and would never need glasses again. my vision is still improving id say it takes probably 7 months for you to get it to 20/20 but then again I could have probably had faster results if I had started in the spring time. the sun is vital for you eyes, unless you are full blooded nordic european, for whatever reason sunlight is bad for their skin and eyes. everyone else NEEDS it. the sun in all honesty is the most important part to this. get out in the sun, no sunglasses, ever. Sit outside and just observe the world around you as much as you can. I wore glasses for 10 years, I had been prescribed them for 20, so in short I have never had good vision. But now I can say I can see, and the eyewash is the real deal, you just have to keep going and go strong. and as brown and black people we heal much faster in our environment, so summer or just being in a tropical place, bonus points. I wish you luck if you do decide to try it, I mean I noticed results after the 1st use, I was still blind but i could def notice an upgrade in the vision, so I put my glasses down.

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      1. Thank you! I read your blog about working toward regaining your vision a couple of weeks ago and that made me want to get his eye wash even more. I’m going to order it in a couple of weeks and update you. I have been eating alkaline for 3 weeks now, so the eye wash should kick in quickly for me as well.


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