The End of the Free Web?

Is this the right way to gain net neutrality?
Is this the right way to gain net neutrality?

The internet is under assault, and if we don’t act soon we may lose it for good. Yes there will still be an inter-web/ World Wide Web but it will not be free. It will be a Chinese style restrictive system. Something that none of us want. The internet is the final freedom we have left and if we lose it, we will lose more than just the World Wide Web. The freedom that the internet gave us revolutionized the media, retail and academic world. Without this freedom we will greatly restrict the ability and power the internet has granted us. Under the guise of cyber security the FCC is proposing regulations that they have not even allowed a single lawmaker to review; yet they want to put it to a vote. Ladies and gentlemen why in the hell would you pass a bill, a 300 plus page bill, before you read it? What is in this bill that they don’t want to make public? Hidden within this bill are the old “cyber security” regulations we had long thought were gotten rid of. These anti-copyright and intellectual property laws give the power to shut you down over the suspicion of copyright infringement. This bill will give corporations the ability to restrict your free speech. There need not be any proof, or any actual investigation. If Hollywood wants you silenced, you will be. This gives corporations way too much power(albeit it’s quite obvious corporations control our government already) and bypass many of our systems of order and our constitution on which this republic was founded. This country never quite put into practice the constitution, but in it contains a code of ethics and rules that are vital to prosperity and innovation. No one can, nor should debate the bill of rights. It is asinine to even consider that a single one of those laws is not vital to being a free human being, in fact anyone denying a person these rights is an enemy of humankind. If we do not speak out, we will lose a great deal of freedom. Also coupled into the 300 plus pages are these trade agreements. These trade agreements(Trans-Atlantic Partnership, Trans-Pacific Partnership) are world governance through mega global corporations. These agreements are bad news and they must never be put into effect, because if they are, the black worker will no longer exist. If these bills pass, the status of black people will be far worse than the days of slavery. It is quite obvious now, through the large influx of Latino immigrants and robotics, the days of black people making a living wage will be long over. If we can no longer express freely, be considered productive or even participate in society, what will become of us? I fear greatly the consequences to come if the FCC is not stopped. Ladies and gentlemen if you love the internet, if you love free speech, if your love your fellow man, this legislation must be scrapped. There is a reason this bill is secretive and the fact that it is should send chills down your spine. If people stay complicit, we will all lose. Black, white, brown, green, yellow, purple, blue, we must unite to defeat possibly the biggest assault on American liberty.

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